My First Delight Avid Semester

Xavier Osorto 7th 6th AVID

How did i grow as a student this semester?

#1.There was 3 years in my life when i was in 3rd through 6th grade i was very unorganized.But mostly in 6th grade i could keep my binder clean for a day, after that day my binder was messy again.Then in seventh grade i changed.

Avid impact on my life

#2.The reason being is because i joined avid it made a great impact on my life. Especially when we started having tutors and having them helping us prepare for are our test.Another thing is when i take Cornell notes i can look back and rely on my notes when there is a test.


#3.Another thing is organization. Avid really helped me in my organization skills.Because my papers used to be all over the place in my binder,i could never find my papers when i needed to.

My writing skills

#4.The next thing i want to talk about is my writing skills.In the beginning of my Avid class i didn't like writing story's.But now that we practice i'm starting to like writing story's, i used to take a long time to comprehend.Now that we practice a lot i'm getting better at it.

My time in Community Service

.#5.And also another thing is community service.I was never really interested in that, until 6th grade.Is not that i didn't want to is just i never really understood until we started to learn about community service in the 6th grade.But then we went as a Avid group to help Mission Arlington.

I learned how to fill out a learning log

#6.The last thing i want to talk about is how i learned to create a learning log for Avid. I think it is a good way to communicate with the teacher,because u can write what you need help on.And that is how i grew up as a Avid student this semester.

What will i do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

I will keep doing the right habits. Also i will drop my bad habits like talking while the teacher is talking.


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