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Week of September 19, 2016

The Dust Has Settled

The dust has settled from and excellent opening of school and teachers and students are off and running on this year's learning adventure. In the visits I've made to classrooms I have seen students actively engaged in their learning. What makes me even happier is I've seen smiles on their faces while they learn. Of particular note are the classrooms of Remington's newest PE teachers, Amanda Christopoulos and Kyle Duguay. As you'll see from the pictures below, they've got the students moving. In the weeks and months to come, keep and eye out for further glimpses into Remington's classrooms.

The big news of the week is that clubs and late buses will be starting up. I'm including a list of the clubs that we have set up so far. In the next week or so the rest of the clubs will be finalized and we will send out a complete list. As a reminder, students must pay $1 to ride the late bus unless they have a bus pass that has PTR (pay to ride) printed on it. If you have any questions please let us know.

2016-2017 After-school Clubs (as of 9/18/16)


Art Club

Homework Club


Athletic Club (6th Graders)

Remdawg Times

Student Council

Computer Club

Homework Club

School Store


Creative Writing Club


Homework Club


Athletic Club (7th & 8th Graders)

Homework Club

Make a Difference

The Tech Titans are truly making a difference at Remington Middle School. Who are the Tech Titans you ask? John McNulty and Lucia Kehoe, two of Remington's most tech savvy students, make up the titans. Since the beginning of last year these two have invested a considerable amount of time and energy to assist our teachers with technology. They started with the goal of helping teachers redesign activities and assignments in order to incorporate more technology in their classrooms, while at the same time allowing students to be more creative. John and Lucia quickly jumped into their assignment and created a Google slides presentation for the teachers. They created a Google form to gather what teachers were currently doing with technology and what they would like to do in the future and a second Google form that teachers could use as a help request if they had a specific need the Tech Titans could assist with. They even created a website which shared much of this information as well as a calendar of when they were available to provide assistance. At this point I’m sure you are more than impressed, but wait, there’s more. It’s one thing to create all of this, but it’s another thing to implement all of this and that’s what they did. The two of them attended a staff meeting and presented their slides to the teachers. They immediately began soliciting requests from teachers and began tracking their progress in a spreadsheet. They helped teachers make Quizlets, embed media into presentations, troubleshoot software, and much more. The creation and operation of the Tech Titans was so successful that I decided to bring them with me to present to the School Committee last Spring. Both John and Lucia have provided this assistance while at the same time maintaining excellent grades and participating in other activities. The two of them have truly gone above and beyond to try and make a difference at Remington.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

September 20

6th Grade Gladiators Team to the Y

September 21

6th Grade Titans Team to the Y

September 22

6th Grade Team Arete to the Y

September 22

PCC Meeting @ 9:00 AM

September 22

Open House @ 6:00 PM

September 30

Early dismissal @ 10:40 AM

October 3

No School - Rosh Hashanah

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