India Pakistan Religious conflict

-Pranav Sethi-Olowin

How it started

  • the reason for all of these conflicts was the partition of 1947

  • the partition was when the northern, mainly Muslim, part of India turned into Pakistan

  • in 1885 the INC (Indian National Congress) met for the first time, when the british tried to divide Bengal along religious lines in 1905 the INC held protests against this plan

  • this sparked the creation of the Muslim league, which wanted Muslims to have a say in independence talks

  • in 1919 a British army unit went to Amritsar to quite pro-independence unrest

  • the british killed at least 1000 protesters

  • when news of this spread many people started taking sides against the british

  • in the 1930’s Mohandas Gandhi became the leader of the INC

  • Gandhi wanted a unified Hindu/Muslim India, but other INC members did not want to be associated with the Muslims in their fight against the british

  • Because of this the Muslim league began to make plans for another state

  • right before WW2 the british need troops from India, the INC did not support sending Indians to fight for Britain but the Muslim league thought they might get British support for a new state if they supplied troops to the british

  • after WW2 in britain the Pro-Independence Labor Party was voted into office, they immediately freed India

  • Jinnah, the leader of the Muslim League was still going for an independent Muslim state, while Nehru the leader of the INC was going for a unified India

  • with independence coming soon a civil war broke out

  • there were 1000’s of deaths on both sides

  • then they drew the border straight through Punjab

  • many people who were fleeing were killed

Current events

  • Kashmir has been the reason for 2 of the 3 wars between the 2 powers since 198

  • a group of Hindus went into a mosque and burned copies of the Quran, threw pork into the main compound, they claimed this was a retaliation against the slaughter of cows by Taliban in Afghanistan

  • Islamic guerrillas killed 10's of people who were going to a Hindu shrine near Pahalgam