The Enlightenment

Mika Blanco & Terrence Heard

(Part1) Main idea

John locke's theory threw of knowledge also greatly affected the 18-century intellectuals.

Locke's ideas suggested that people were modeled by the experiences that came through their senses from their surrounding world.

The right influences, them people could be changed using newtons methods.

Separation of powers

The executive legislative, judicial powers of the government limit the control each other in a system of checks and balances.

By preventing any one person or group from gaining to much power, this system provides the greatest freedom and security for the state.


The best system for laissez-laird was made in 1776 by Adam Smith in his famous work The Wealth Nation. It's means let people do what they want. Smith believed that the state should not interfere in economic matters.

Rights of women

Male intelligence had argued that the nature of women made them inferior to men and made male domination of women necessary. by the end of the 18-century female began to start to express their ideas about improving the condition of women. Mary Wollstonecraft developed the strongest statement for the rights of women.

(Part 2) Isaac Newton

Who he was

Born in 1642,showed few signs if brilliance until he attended Cambridge University. Wrote is major work on Mathematical Principles Of Nature Philosophy.

Newton discovered the three laws of motion that govern the planetary bodies, as well as the objects on earth. Newton had shown one universal law, mathematically proved to proved, could explain all motion in the universe. Newton accomplished to make a new picture of the universe.

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(Part 3) Art

During the Reformation era, the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus, Jesus was founded and became a leading group in promoting and providing education. They tended to stress traits, such as discipline that were important to the philosophers. Established religious organizations. Opposed it as human freedom. I don't think the Roman Catholics have changed from our world to day because people still pray to God and they also ask God questions.
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Religion in the Enlightenment