Course Update 3.21.16

Assignment Due Date Thursday, 3.24.16 before Midnight!


Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that our next Assignment Due Date is this Thursday, March 24, 2016, before midnight, in order to receive full credit on your assignments.

Please see our Smore Newsletters for additional help - I have created several new ones in the past two weeks as additional resources for you. All Smore Newsletters are located in two places:

  • News Items
  • User Links - Resources

Please scroll down for a list of assignments due for each section, along with our GAVS Late Work Policy, and additional free resources.

As always, feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding upcoming projects and papers - I am always here to help!

Let's set a goal of no late work for this Assignment Due Date - I know you can do it!

Mrs. Wolff

Assignments Due by Section for Thursday, March 24, 2016, before Midnight:

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A Quick Note about Grades

There were many papers and projects due this past grading period between all four sessions.

We have been catching everything going around for the past two months in my house, so I have been a bit behind these past two weeks. We are now on the mend, and I will be finishing the grades by this Thursday to get ready for our upcoming Assignment Due Date on March 24.

I am grading the Rough Drafts, first, so that you may review and revise before resubmitting this Thursday, March 24, before midnight. If you have already submitted your Final Draft before receiving my feedback, please feel free to go ahead and resubmit your revised Final Draft by this Thursday before midnight.

My goal is to see your writing improve with each revision and new essay, so nothing would make me happier than seeing more work and revision toward improvement! The more you write, the easier it becomes, and the better writer you become - it's true. Everyone has the ability to become a better writer. Teaching writing is my passion, so it is important to me that you learn everything about it before we end our spring session.

As I post each grade, please check to make sure that I have counted the points on the rubrics correctly, and that the correct grade has been entered for each assignment. I make mistakes sometimes, too, so please email me as soon as you see a grade that needs to be corrected, and I will change it right away.

Please be sure to see all of our class Smores that assist with writing, as well as future projects. Also make sure that you are carefully reading each Assignment Page, as well as the resource hyperlinks on the blue vertical sidebars of each page, which include helpful links, handouts, as well as essay rubrics.

Thank you for your patience during this busy time, and I look forward to reading your papers and projects for this Thursday's Assignment Due Date.

Mrs. Wolff

Free Resources That Are Always Here for You:

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GAVS Late Work Policy:

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Resource: A Few of Our New Smore Newsletters

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