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Check out my Etsy page to see all of my creations for sale! If you see something you like, feel free to send me a message with any questions. I do custom orders as well, made in any style, color and size. Just for you! I want my creation to be something that you love. <3

About Us

I started Laule'a Aliyah when visited Kaua'i not too long ago. The word Laule'a means peaceful-happy in the Hawaiian language. I felt this best described how the island made me feel. The beautiful surroundings and calm energy has inspired me to try some new things. It opened me up to view in a larger perspective. To see all things as a part of the universe, as we are all made from the same thing.

I love to create and see how my art makes others happy. That brings me the most joy.

The creations in my shop are a reflection of the beauty I see and feel all around me.

I hope that through my intentional designs I loving bring you the peace and good vibes I feel while creating.


See what we have on Etsy. We do custom orders for every size, shape and style!

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