Suicide Prevention & Awareness

September 6-12, 2020

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You are Loved

From school, work, family, extracurricular activities, relationships and more, life can sometimes become OVERWHELMING and can cause us to feel NOT OKAY. That feeling is completely NORMAL, we have all experienced life at one time or another with a heavy burden. Remember that you are not ALONE!

The important thing is that you develop HEALTHY ways to COPE with the obstacles that arise. Lean on someone you TRUST and COMMUNICATE with them. If you feel like there is no one in your inner circle to talk to, reach out to a TRUSTED adult, your School Counselor, Teacher, Coach, or Mentor.

You are VALUED, LOVED and you MATTER,

Judson High School Counseling Team

Suicide Stats, Signs & Prevention

Below you will find further information about suicide facts, signs, prevention and crisis resources. Take a moment to explore the embedded hyperlinks to learn more information about Suicide Awareness & Prevention.

Suicide Stats

Suicide Warning Signs

Suicide Prevention

Crisis Resources