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To serve and help for the growth of this world

About us

In social studies class, we were designing a product to help and give aid to Africa. We mainly focused on four countries; Kenya, Nigeria, Benin, and Mali. These countries had low electricity and less transportation vehicles. so we sent them electric bicycles. Oh, and by the way, we are a team of four, consisting of Alex Nelson, Brigham Pettit, Oliver Isenberg, and Harsheet Kummaraguntla (me).

Scenarios in Africa that really need our work

Some areas in Africa such as Kenya could use our help. Below are some graphs showing the cases of transportation, country welfare, population etc,.

Products that we provide

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She really needs help!

While we leisurely ride in automotive vehicles, very remote areas of Africa dont get the chance to even ride in any transportation vehicles. So, they just quit school. In fact, this is 75% of the reasons of unemployment in Africa. The girl above walks for 13 miles to get to school everyday. With this invention that we have, not only that we can get her to school faster, but also provides a source of physical exercise and powers their house for the entire night!

Reasons why this idea is good and versatile to many areas of Africa

  1. It provides a good source of physical exercise indoors and outdoors.
  2. Provides electricity for house
  3. It gives them a good source of transportation
  4. When in an emergency people can ride this bike fast and far to increase survival
  5. Uses only renewal energy(Solar and Mechanical)

So how exactly does this thing work?

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The K-TOR power generator uses energy from the pedals of your bicycle or from the moving wheel of the bicycle. Using this idea, we attached the K-TOR power box to the bicycle. The Solar bicycle has solar panels in the wheels to power the K-TOR box on the go. This makes it very easy to just attach your power box at home to provide a 12 hour range of electricity for any appliance that uses electricity such as lights, fans, refrigerators and even small TVs!

So, Are you going to Help?

"When you teach a person you teach a nation"- A quote from Nature on PBS.

This is what we are trying to do. By helping one person and spreading knowledge, gradually we can help whole country become civilized. If you contribute to this success this will become a great idea empowered in Africa.