Young Kids Don't Need Technology

by: Cammie Riggles

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Cell Phone's

Technology is becoming and is a major part of our lives today, but why do we feel the need to give young children iPhone's. Even though we rely on technology we shouldn't be pushing kids to learn how to use every bit of technology on the market as such a young age. It's kind of sad that a five year old can work an iPhone better than I can, and I'm eighteen.
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Our cell phones are a part of our everyday lives. Lets face it cell phones are a world wide drug and everyone who has one is addicted to it. One more reason that kids don't need to have/be playing on their parents or siblings cell phones.
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The same goes for tablets, why would you give a little kid an expensive tablet or let them play on yours. Even companies are trying to push technology on young kids with products like Nabi or Kurio. With companies like these pushing technology on kids it will be no time before a two year old knows the inns and outs of a computer.
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Video Games

Now video games are another story. I grew up playing video games and I still do, but I didn't get my first video game until third grade. Now I can walk into my local library for Pokemon League and see a three year old sitting there with a DS XL, which is roughly $250, and fifty to sixty different games. What happened to taking your kids to the park or playing hide and go seek in the backyard.
Even though video games are a good way to keep kids entertained for long periods of time research has shown that over time playing to many video games can actually damage brain cells. So the next time you think about buying your kid a video game because they've "been good" or just because that you might actually be hurting your kid instead of helping them.
My little brother is three years younger than me and he got his first video game when he was in kindergarten. Now my brother is constantly playing video games. The only thing he loves more than his video games is YouTube. My point being that if you give your kids video games starting at a young age, the same thing will happen if you give them a cell phone at a young age, they will get addicted.
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Computers can be a gift and a curse when it comes to kids. Just like video games it can entertain them for hours, but there are a lot of buttons for kids to push or click. Which means about a million ways for your five year old to kill your computer. The best time for your kid to start learning how to use a computer is when they get there first school assignment that requires them to get on the computer.


When it comes to the internet you need to really teach your kids whats good and bad, but again not until your kid really needs to use it. I would say your child doesn't even need to know what the internet is until they're about six or seven. I didn't use a computer for the first time until first grade and all I did was play Oregon Trail. The first time I actually used a computer to do research and write a paper was third grade. Now'a'days I can create a website from raw code.