Major League Second Grade News

Mrs. Moats' Class

Friday, Septmeber 16, 2016- A Week in Review

  • Picture order forms went home today! Please send back to school by picture day, Sept 27.
  • Progress reports went home today. Remember that it's just progress! There is plenty of time to improve if necessary! Please sign and return to me next!!

Here is our week in review:

Spelling/Word Work: *I can write words with short i and long i sounds. *I can identify the sounds a short i makes and the sound a long i makes.

Reading: *I can choose a just right book. It's not too easy or too hard.(We are still working on this!) *I can think about my reading. *I can write about what I am reading. This week we learned how to use thinking stems...I"m thinking, I'm wondering, I'm noticing. Second graders need to be thinking while they are reading!

Writing: *I can edit and revise my writing to make it better. Just like a real author!! *I can add characters and setting to my story!

Science/Social Studies: *I can identify how sound is received by the ear. *I can identify that sound travels through solids, liquids and gas. *I can identify how sound is made.

Math: *I can find the 100's, 10's and 1's place in a number. *I can read number names to 1,000 using number names. *I can represent a number up to 1,000 with number names, base-ten blocks and expanded form. * I can compare and contrast numbers using greater than, less than and equal to. * I can practice my double facts

Science Notes:

As part of our Science Unit on Sound, each student will be making an instrument. Each year, the students have really enjoyed making these. In class, we will research some ways that you could make an instrument. The purpose is NOT to make the most elaborate instrument but rather for the student to identify what starts the sound and what is vibrating on their instrument.

Please keep in mind that parents and students SHOULD collaborate on this project but parents should NOT make the instrument for their child. They want to do this and will present their instrument to their classmates. They will not be able to do that if they didn’t have the experience of making it! Therefore, please gather the materials that your student will use and bring them to school by Wednesday, September 21. We will make the instruments in class on Wednesday and Thursday. They will present them on Friday!

Items could include: plastic containers, beans, small rocks, rubber bands, empty tissue boxes, oatmeal containers, waxed paper, plastic bottles, the list goes on and on; be creative!!


Please continue to use this strategy at home when reading for your reading logs. In second grade, it is so important to challenge yourself as a reader. If we are always reading books that are too easy, we can't challenge ourselves to become a better reader. Likewise, if the books we are reading are too hard, we get frustrated and give up! Please use this 5 finger rule at home to reinforce what we are practicing at school.
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Items for next Week-

  • Bring materials for instrument making on Wednesday!
  • Water bottles are allowed in my classroom as long as they are pop tops or sport top bottles. Generally, when those tip over, they don't spill.
  • Our classroom has a temperature issue. It is sometimes very chilly or hot and humid-we don't seem to have an in between. If you have an extra jacket that could be kept in a backpack, you may consider sending it.

September Character Trait- Respect

Treating others the way you want to be treated!

Upcoming Events

Sept 21- North School Night at Subway in Holts Summit

Sept 22- JC Homecoming Parade

Sept 27- School Pictures

Oct 7- No School- Professional Development for teachers

Oct 12- Early release @ 1

Oct 13- 3rd grade play

Oct 14- Fun(d) Run AND PTO Fall Festival