The Oneida Tribe

People of the standing stone

Past History

They lived in New York and they were forced out. They went to Wisconsin. Some of them still live in New York and Wisconsin.

Present History

The Oneidas used to live in New York State. Some Oneidas live there, but not all of them because they were forced to go to Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada.


They eat crops, corn, beans, squash, wild berries, herb, deer, elk, fish, corn bread, soups, and stews.

Food they eat


Men wore breechcloth with leggings and women wore shirts, shorter leggings, and often ponchos. Iroquois men wore headdresses.


Longhouses were built with sheets of elm bark and had a large wood frame up to a hundred feet long. It housed a whole clan of about 60 people.

( think of it as an apartment building )

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The tools used were bows and arrows, fishing poles, clubs , and spears and shields.


The Oneidas threw darts at a moving hoop.