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Distance Learning Updates & Support

Table of Contents

  • Announcements and Websites
  • Learning Menus and Staff Office Hours
  • Alone Together- Connect with Rivervue Fam
  • Emotional Well-being Support and Community Resources


Final Week of School!


Below is the link to all of your distance learning menus for this week. A new learning menu will be posted Monday morning for each one of your classes.


  1. Please access each one of your class learning menus
  2. Complete the daily learning activities
  3. Reach out to teachers with any questions
  4. Stay safe and have fun growing your minds


Watch Videos and Post Videos for your Rivervue Fam

Check in and see what our amazing Rivervue Staff and your fellow students are doing through this distance learning adventure. Give a shout out to friends or staff that you are missing!


  • Click on the flipgrid picture link to access videos and record your own messages for your Rivervue Fam.
  • Use your @vallivue.org email to access content.

Harry Potter Series - As Read By Rivervue Staff

Ms. Jones, Mrs. Russell, and Mrs. Carroll read through the first 3 books of the Harry Potter book series. Follow the links below and be transported to the magical world of Harry Potter by your fantastic Rivervue staff. All chapters will be added eventually.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Ms. Jones

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Mrs. Russell

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Mrs. Carroll

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Mrs. Russell

Cube Solving with Mrs. Carroll

I will be sharing my notes from some of the cubes here as well as links to some of the best videos I've found for solving them. I recommend watching the videos first then using my notes as a reference. My notes are not comprehensive but are just so you don't have rewatch the video every time to find some of the algorithms. HAPPY CUBING EVERYONE! If you have questions, email me to request a google meet. We can walk through the cubes together.

Video Link: 3x3 Cube Solving Video, 2x2 Video, Mirror Cube Video

Notes Link: Mrs. Carroll's 3x3 Cube Notes, 2x2 Notes, Mirror Cube Notes

Family Fun Stuff

Are you bored at home??? Click the Family Fun picture to the left for fun ideas to do with your family while we are staying home. Food, Games, Outdoor activity ideas, and more!


There is no normal response to an abnormal situation. Whether you are focusing on schoolwork, mental health, survival or just enjoying vacation time, everyone responds differently. That is normal.

Please fill out the needs assessment below if you feel you could use any additional support. Also included below are some items that might help through these uncertain days. Please reach out to me at anytime with any questions, concerns, or anything at all. You are an amazing and resilient human being that has made it through a whole lot.

Andre Archer, School Counselor

E:andre.archer@vallivue.org, Phone: 208-697-3016

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Staying Well

Regular Routines: Try to keep up regular routines. Create a schedule for learning activities and relaxing and fun activities. This can help not only structure the day but help everyone to enjoy the days as well. Ideas for activities and entertainment are included at the end of the newsletter.

Connect with Others: Talk with people you trust about concerns or how you are feeling. Reach out on the phone to someone who might be isolated or struggling. This could be a wonderful opportunity to have long conversations that we otherwise wouldn't have time for.

Take Care of Yourself: Take a deep breath, stretch, stay active, eat well-balanced meals, get plenty of sleep, avoid drugs and alcohol for coping. It is really important to do the basics to take care of yourself, it can make all of the difference.

Take Breaks: Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories, including social media. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.

Be a Role Model: Whether you are a parent or an older sibling try to model great habits. Take breaks, get lots of sleep, eating healthy, exercising and connecting with friends and families.

Self Rescue Manual

There are many great resources in our local Self Rescue Manual. Please reach out to me with any questions or assistance in getting connected to resources.

Andre Archer: E:andre.archer@vallivue.org, Phone:208-697-3016

Canyon County Self Rescue Manual

Daily Free Lunch and Breakfast Sites