Morning Notes

Monday 7 April

Welcome to Halcyon Keiko Cooper-Hohn!

Keiko will be visiting Halcyon for Grade 9 today!

Easter Egg Hunt!

On Friday the 11th at 12:45 - 1:20 Halcyon will be having an electronic Easter Egg hunt organised by Emily Wilson!! To enter to win the grand prize you must donate £1 to TECHO and download a QR code reader app for your iPad. Hope to see you there!!


One week left in the problem of the week league. Go to iTunesU to do the killer sudoku. This terms prize will be given straight after the break.

Halcyon Ambassadors

Calling all Ambassadors! Please meet Mia & Ms. Zago in F01 at 12.45 to sign up to be a Halcyon Ambassador for Wednesday's Prospective Parent Open House tours!

Fire Alarm Test

No need to panic: there will be a fire alarm test at 1000 today. You will only need to evacuate the building if the alarm continues to sound.

Reminder: Football Club

There will be no football club next week. The next session will be on Tuesday April 29th after Easter break.

Congratulations to Celia and Charlie S. for both scoring good goals on their debut in the last session!

Upcoming Trip: Grade 8 Speaker's Corner

Today the Grade 8 class will be delivering speeches at Speaker's Corner, Marble Arch. These speeches are the culmination of their study into rhetoric over the past two months and range from socio-political discussions to informative speeches on literature, law, and psychology.

Parents are invited to form part of the audience at 11:00am.

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April Break Reading:

All Halcyon Students will receive a text to read over the April Break. These texts are directly connected to their curricula studies, and we encourage parents to assist their child with this reading. The following Scholastic Resource contains some excellent tips on how to engage with your child during reading sessions.

Upon their return to school, all students will complete a short digital book review on our Halcyon Community GoodReads Board. If you have not yet joined our Halcyon GoodReads Community, you may sign up here or, if already a member, connect to our group here.

Monday's Menu


White Bean, Pasta and Swiss Chard served with bread

Main Course:

Pasta Arrabiata with Green Peas


Spinach & Onion Quiche with garnish

Salads & Sides:

Mixed Salad

Corn and Black Bean


Patsy’s Chocolate Sponge Cake


Fresh Fruit



Lost and Found items?

Please visit Mia in the school office on the 1st floor.

Lost items:

  • 2 Halcyon PE jumpers;
  • 1 blue knit Gap jumper;
  • 1 Grey Super dry long sleeved shirt;
  • A plastic budgens bag containing an umbrella and camera lens;
  • 1 White Nike bag containing Nike shoes and a pair of jeans;
  • 1 Black superdry jumper;
  • 1 Green Nike body warmer with lime green inside;
  • £10 note lost in the Hub Grub last Tuesday at 12.40;
  • 1 x black leather handbag.