Bulldogger Tech Talk

September 10 - 14

Want to save time and effort when scoring your students' writing? Use WriQ...and help build a new writing metric!

WriQ is a new Add-on from Texthelp that helps teachers score and keep track of students’ spelling, punctuation and grammar errors so you can focus on the things computers can’t score.

WriQ auto-scores your students’ docs and tracks the following measures over time: Time spent writing, Text Maturity, Spelling error rate, Grammar error rate, Punctuation error rate, Percentage error free, Correct Word Sequences score. The teacher dashboard gives you a clear graphical view of your students’ writing activity and let’s you track their progress over time. And It’s Free… WriQ is completely free for now, but over time additional “premium” features will be added. For a limited time, as a thank-you to everyone who scores 100 student writing passages to help us out, we’ll give you free access...for life!

If You Aren't Playing With Powtoon, You Should Be!

Powtoon is a fun, interactive way for students to connect with the curriculum in your classrooms. It allows students another avenue to express themselves and present understanding of the material provided. Check out this short video about Powtoon, then create your account!

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  1. PCs went by the name “Electronic Brains” in the 1950s.
  2. Email has been around longer than the World Wide Web.
  3. HP, Google, Microsoft and Apple have one thing in common, other than the fact that they are IT companies. They were all started in garages.
  4. Bill Gates’ house was designed using a Mac computer.
  5. There are approximately 6000 new viruses released every month.
  6. Computer programming is currently one of the fastest growing occupations related to technology.
  7. 28% of IT professionals hide their career from friends and family to get out of giving free tech support.
  8. The 30th of November is known as “Computer Security Day”.
  9. Technophobia is the fear of technology, Nomophobia is the fear of being without a mobile phone, Cyberphobia is the fear of computers.
  10. The original name of Windows was Interface Manager.
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