On The Road Again: Milwaukee

By: Alexis Mleziva Hour: 3

The Concert of a Lifetime.

In late august, my mother and I went to one of the destinations for the On The Road Again tour for One Direction. The concert was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after their performance in Chicago, Illinois. It was a long drive to Miller Park but it was worth it, the concert was at 7pm but the lads ( Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson) didn't start preforming till about 9:30 pm. I'm glad I worked hard this summer because seeing the boys was a great reward.

Niall Horan

This is a picture of Niall, goofing off on stage after his performance during Act My Age.
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The Science of It...

One question might be going through your head right now, what is scientific about a One Direction concert? You might think that a concert is just plain fun and exciting with nothing else to it... WRONG! Although concerts are extremely fun and exciting do you really know why you are getting excited? My guess is no, but there is a neurochemical called dopamine which is released into your brain which causes the excitement. Did you know that listening to music can actually strengthen your brain? It has been scientifically proven that listening to music can not only strengthen your brain but can also make you smarter and can sometimes increase your vocabulary/speech skills.

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Still More Science!?!

At this point you're probably thinking I'm crazy because I'm say there is still more science to a concert... But I swear that there is more! I mean there are many things that are scientific to concerts, but most of them are invisible including sound waves. Sound waves EXTREMELY important to concerts because if there weren't sound waves people in the back wouldn't be able to hear the performance. The waves carry the sound in longitudinal waves. There are compressions and rarefactions from the waves which create small vibrations which also carry the sound.

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I Wonder...

  1. I wonder why your brain activities change while you're listening to music?
  2. I wonder why music strengthens your brain activities?
  3. I wonder what the average range of the movement in sound waves at concerts?
  4. I wonder what different neurochemicals that change your moods from one to another?