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The telephone was first invented in march of 1876. He was a sole inventor resulting in one of history's longest patent battles. Bell continued his scientific work for the rest of his life, and used his success and wealth to establish various research centers nationwide.
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The telephone impacted the industrial revolution by

Making communication between businesses much quicker, instead of having to rely on postal services. Additionally, it meant that decisions (such as in changes in manufacturing) could be made instantly.

About Alexander Graham Bell

In the renaming years of his life Bell worked on a number of projects. He devoted a lot of time to exploring flight, starting with the tetrahedral kite in 1890s. In 1907, Bell formed the Aerial Experiment Association with Glenn Curtis's and several other associates. The group developed several flying machines, including the Silver Dart. The Silver Dart was the first powered machine flown in Canada. He later worked on hydrofoils and set a world record for speed for this type of boat.