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Need to Know for MIS Library Week of September 21

Monster Book Fair

Our MIS Book Fair will take place October 2-9 in the library. Below you will find a signup genius where you can sign up for time slots to help volunteer.

Our campus goal is to have MIS students, families, and staff purchase 1,200 books and Mrs. Kirby has agreed to be SLIMMED by the students if we reach this goal!

Morning Activities

The MIS Library is always open for students before school. Certain activities take place each day of the week but always follow the same schedule.

Monday- Readers and Check Out Only

Tuesday- 100 Hall Activity

Wednesday- 200 Hall Activity

Thursday- 400 Hall Activity

Friday- Readers and Check Out Only

The week of September 14 the activity will be working with Q-BA-MAZE an activity that allows students to build unique marble mazes.

Library Card Sign Up Month

September is National Library Card Sign Up Month. I am encouraging students and staff to get their public library card and then take a selfie with it that can be printed our and hung up in the library.

Students who turn in or come to the library to take their picture will receive two raffle tickets to be place into drawings for a book fair gift certificate as well as the right to be one of the first to check out the NEW Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book.

Information on obtaining a library card can be found at http://www.countylibrary.org/library_cards.htm

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Accelerated Reader

This week in the library we are spotlighting students who have earned AR points. Students are encouraged to test on their books after they finish reading them. These tests consist of approximately 10 comprehension questions over the book. They are only allowed to test at school over these books, however the books do not have to be library books. There are different prizes for students based on the number of points that they earn.
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