An Age Of Big Business

By: Shyana Marvelle

How did business grow?

After the Civil War Many improvements have been made.
~Oil companies were being built. The oil business grew rapidly in the late 1800. Investors and prospectors hurried to western Pennsylvania once the word spread.
~Another business that spread was The steel business. It became a huge business in the late 1800 as well. Before 1860 steel was not used often because it was so expensive to manufacture. But once new manufacturing techniques changes this problem was resolved.
~Another business was railroads but it was basically just improved with better construction.

John D. Rockefeller

John was a young oil man, he always fought for what he wanted and deserved. He was born in Richford, New York in the year of 1839. In 1870 he organized a the Standard oil company of Ohio. He used the method of Horizontal integration- combining competing firms into one corporation.

Why did the government begin to restrict?

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act, passed in 1890, was the first important federal measure to limit the power of companies that controlled a high percentage of market shar Act was used primarily to block strikes, since it prevented any 'conspiracy to restrict trade,' and businesses like the Pullman Railcar Company argued that labor unions were such conspiracies. They won the support of state and federal militia to enforce this anti-labor view.