The Evitable Conflict

By: Brennan Dohlman


Stephen Byerley rose to become World Coordinator, leader of the five districts the world had divided itself into. One day Byerley called Dr. Calvin to his office to ask her about a problem he had begun to worry about. Each of the five districts have their own supercomputer, like Brain, that advises and helps run the district. In each of the five districts, something has gone wrong, causing it to appear that the computer made a mistake. Byerley had investigated and come to the conclusion that the people involved, all of them members of an organization of anti-robotics, fed the machines faulty information to make them appear to be making mistakes.

What type of Dystopia?

This a technological control dystopia because machines have taken control of life. They do all the work humans used to do and everything revolves around the machines for food and other basic needs and wants.

Static or Dynamic Character

Stephen Byerley is a static character because since he became the world coordinator he is in control of all the machines but he becomes worried that they are making mistakes. As a character he does not change. He is worried only about making the computers work again and nothing else.

Social Commentary

The Social Commentary of The Evitable Conflict is that the problem with society is that they rely to much on the machines to do their work for them. The 4 sections of the world each have a super computer that does all the work for the people and the world coordinator gets a feeling there is a malfunction and that the machines might wage war against the humans