why not to do shrooms


What it does to your brain?

shrooms make people hallucinate and makes you unaware of your surroundings. shrooms aslo help people that are depressed and that have anxiety. it makes you go on "trips". when you take shrooms you have something called a waking dream.
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What type of drug is it?

shrooms is the type of plant that makes people hallucinate and makes people feel good and sometimes bad. it is also a natural drug but that does not mean that its safer. it is one of the most damaging drug out there.
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Where do Shrooms grow?

Shrooms grow in the wild in the forest. some shrooms are grown inside peoples home and facilitys.
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Why do people use Shrooms?

Some people use Shrooms for religious purposes but others use it to try to relax, but it can damage the user's brain. some people use shrooms so they can escape the world and feel like there in a dream but there awake. people also use it to help with depression and anxiety
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people who use the drug

most of the people that do shrooms are people under 18. 90% of shroom users say that they did it before they where 18.
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