Make Monday Matter, #2

June 1, 2015


If you received an email to complete the StarChart and are unable to access it try this website

If you have not received the email you will not have to complete the chart.

Children of Faculty

If your own children do not have a place to go after early dismissal on Thursday, they are welcome to stay in your classroom while we finish up our day.


Please remember to leave a diagram of your room drawn out on the board for Service Solutions.

Text books

Mrs. Stanley will be delivering text books/cunsumables to your room within the next couple of days. Please make room for them.


Please be sure your ipads and ipods are charged when you turn them in.



I know we've only got a few more days left of the year----but if you need a principal please be sure you write the student up.

Be sure your students are supervised at all times!!

Thanks, we can do this. Only 2 1/2 more days.