New Health Care Paradigm Series

Upgrade Your DNA

Western Mysticism, Indigenous Wisdom & Eastern Methods of Inquiry

"The New Health Care Paradigm Series’’, Upgrade your DNA ",

Free Webinars with Different Holistic and Spiritual Topics that heal and balance the body, mind, and spirit. This weeks free webinar is, "Eastern and Western, Indigenous Wisdom & Methods of Inquiry" hosted by Laura Schwalm-Anthony and Rob Musica.

Some Topics For "Western Mysticism, Indigenous Wisdom & Eastern Methods of Inquiry"

Methods of inquiry/centering:


Prayer; calling forth Spirit to assist in times of stress; devotional attitude & surrender to Cosmic Will; beatitudes

Spending time in nature; grounding oneself and absorbing earth energy to maintain mental & physical balance; honoring the elements (space, air, fire, water, earth); camping; surfing; outdoor sports; spiritualize the material

Understanding the cyclic pattern of life(seasons, planets, harvests) & the impermanence of things; nothing lasts forever; all things must pass

Mythology: understanding the deeper meanings of myths which reveal the Hero's Journey of life- (Call to action, assistance, adventure, battle, return with new wisdom) ; applying these realizations to day to day life

Tribal activities: drum circles (meditation through sound / ecstasy); Sufi; evolution of indigenous & slave musical traditions of the carribean

Meditation: scientific discoveries of how meditation decreases stress, enhances mood, memory, health; mindful awareness; following breath

Bodywork/ healing sessions: accepting outside assistance; take time to treat your body like a temple; stress reliever, decreases tension, anxiety, harmonizes the energy body; sen lines, crystal therapy, reiki, thai yoga massage

Art: expression; creativity; writing; painting; drawing; building; decorating; craft work; hobby


4 yogas:

Karma: action; using work as a tool for focus & concentration

Bhakti: devotion; using the heart space to become a witness; to hand over the "load" to Spirit; japa

Jnana: study of our true nature; using reason as a method to understand true nature & overcome anxiety & suffering; the mind conquering the mind; who am I?

Raja: 8 limbed path of do's & dont's lifestyle; ultimately leading to clarity of our True Nature through austerity & sense control

Hatha: postures to help move energy, combined with pranayam: (breathing techniques) to move & ground energy & be able to sit & observe ourselves

{ for those who have a guru: following guru's spiritual instructions; true gurus are like guides to the shore of equanimity; bodhisattva vow to help relieve suffering}

New Health Care Paradigm Series... Upgrade Your DNA

Monday, April 28th, 9pm

This is an online event.

The link to this event will be posted to facebook

About The Educators

Laura Schwalm-Anthony is a Master Psychic Healer, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Founder and Coordinator of New Health Care Paradigm Laura's website is To read about in person classes with Laura please go to

Rob Comes from a devout family upbringing, he has explored many of the worlds mystic and ancient philosophies, sharing their essence in assisting others in understanding the nature of reality and themselves. He is a practitioner of Japanese Reiki, initiated into the yogic lineage of Kriya Yoga & now furthering his studies in Thai Yoga Bodywork. He continues to express his inspiration from world cultures & spirituality through his writing, art and music.

Join him as he hosts the Dharma Creative Writing Workshop on May 9th at 6pm at the Namaste Healing Center, NYC