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October 14, 2016

Reminder: Child Abuse Training and Quiz- Due October 18th

Please view the powerpoint attached to the email to get the content for the Child Abuse Training. Take the quiz using the link below


Why didn't admin notice that? I do it all the time!

So often you are evaluated on just a snapshot of your teaching. I would like to give you some ideas of how to highlight the amazing things going on when admin is not in the room!

Standard II: Teachers Establish a Respectful Environment for a Diverse Population of Students

Teachers demonstrate their knowledge of the history of diverse cultures and their role in shaping global issues. They actively select materials and develop lessons that counteract stereotypes and incorporate histories and contributions of all cultures. Teachers recognize the influence of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and other aspects of culture on a student’s development and personality. Teachers strive to understand how a student’s culture and background may influence his or her school performance. Teachers consider and incorporate different points of view in their instruction.

Within this standard, you are asked to celebrate diversity, culture, ethnicity, race and gender. You are to teach with resources that counteract stereotypes of cultures throughout history. THAT IS HARD TO DO! Here are a few ideas that you may be able to incorporate throughout the year:

Hang a world map to flag all of the places you've studied in the many content areas. Create posters or notes to highlight features

  • Comment on the differences and similarities of the people who live there compared to your class
  • Do an author study in reading/writing. Have small groups take on authors from all over the world. Read books in a series and highlight trends from that author
  • When studying science/social studies look for important historians/scientists from around the world- add this to your world map display!
  • Math is known as a universal language in many parts of the world. Discuss the similarities in problem solving strategies from around the world. We might even be able to add some tools to our tool-belt in the process! Have kids present their findings

Finally- If you have something amazing going on in your room that really shows that you consistently do these things, invite us to come and see the lesson. We would love to check out the great things going on here at Odell to celebrate diversity in our academics as well!

Kindergarten Classes work on a hand-made American Flag!

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Safe Schools Training

Please complete these two training ASAP! Your Timekeeper login is your SafeSchools login.


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