Introducing . . .

. . . Aquin's Notification System . . .

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We know your time is valuable, here's a quick overview:

'ClassTag' is Aquin's alert provider. ClassTag has email, app and web applications. For the website, visit You can also download the app, or 'like' them on Facebook to get even more info. As we all know, there is no 'perfect' system. This is the best of the 'free' options available to us. We've outlined the pros and cons below.

The PROs:

  • it's free--and promotes that it will stay that way (so hopefully this is our final system)!
  • there is an administrative component, so Aquin oversees all teacher/coach accounts and can message through them
  • sends messages via email, text or app
  • offers much more than just messaging
  • there is a 'rewards' program in which parents can donate to the class/team via ClassTag's offerings
  • communications can be one-way or two-way conversations
  • 'supply lists' can be created and shared
  • can be used by teachers, coaches and admin
  • Aquin adds the parents to each group. Parents just need to confirm their account to join.

The CONs:

  • text messages come through as a link to the message. The full text message may not appear in the notification and you may have to click through the link for the complete message.
  • there are ads on the app and website for national products that support the system. We don't have control over the products that will appear that 'support' each page--BUT this is what makes ClassTag free (and confident that it will remain that way so we won't have to switch to a new system again).

(Teacher/Coach) has invited you to join (class/team) at Aquin Catholic School on ClassTag

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Click on the 'Join Now' button in the email to complete your account in ClassTag.

Once you join, you will get a welcome email from ClassTag.

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Click on 'Get the App' when you're on your device and download the app.

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NOTE: Once you join ClassTag, you can manage the email addresses and phone numbers listed with your student(s).

If you have any questions regarding ClassTag, please use their 'Help' icon in the lower right of your screen. ClassTag is currently experiencing a huge influx of customers due to the start of the school year and the change instituted by 'Remind'. So, in the next few weeks, it may take a day or two for them to respond.

You may also contact if you have questions or difficulties.