Yertle the Turtle and Joseph Stalin

Dictators and Power

Yertle the Turtle

The book Yertle the Turtle, is about a turtle who is the king of all turtles and anything he see's. That power caused him to want more and more power. Everything he saw was know his and in order for that to be he made the turtles stack up so he can rule more. When he began to rule more things the power got over his head, then he ordered more turtles to stack up so that he can be higher than the moon. Then Matt the turtle below every turtle burped and caused the pile to rumble and fall down. Finally Yertle got what he deserved and was only the ruler of the mud.

Joseph Stallin and his Impact as a Dictator

The major impact that Stalin had was that he caused fear among citizens, he also executed many of his enemies and people were sent to labor camps.

Yertle's and Stalin's Dictatorship

Joseph Stalin executed many citizens that weren't in an agreement with him, others he put in labor camps. Joseph Stalin affected the Soviet Union because people were scared of him, but the one good thing that he did, was that he lead the Soviet Union to become a superpower. Yertle is like Stalin because they both ruled with fear. The actions that they both have in common was that the power went to their head. Yertle did not care about how tired the turtles were he just cared about him self much like Stalin did.

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