Followers are called Muslims By: Sydney Hearn

Main paragraph

The Islams holy book is called the Qur'an. There beliefs include the 6 major beliefs which are the belief in Allah, Angels, Holy books, Prophets, Predestination, and the day of judgement. There Sabbath day is Friday. They worship at the Mosque and the Imam leads the service. The Islams believe in the five pillars of faith which are the Shahadah-The declaration of faith, Salat-ritual prayer, Zakah-alms tax, Swam-fasting, and the Hajj-pilgramage. Islam celebrate two holy days the Ramadan which is the ninth month on the Islamic calender where they do not eat during the hours of daylights and the Eidalfitr which is the festival marking the first day of Ramadan. The Islams holy city is Jerusalem and there holy place is the Dome on the rock.

What they have in common

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all believe in the god of Abraham a pastor who lived a very long time ago. All three religions believe in monotheism the belief that there is only one god.