10 ways to prevent identity theft

Hailey Nabors

1. Guard your social security number

A social security number is a nine digit number issued to U.S. citizens to track social security benefits. Every number is different for each person.

2. Memorize your pin numbers

A pin number is a personal identification number. It is 4 digits and should be known only by you. It allows access into account information.
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3. Shred your old credit cards

This not only prevents identity theft, but it saves a lot of trouble from getting your money stolen, even if it is an unused credit card. Thief's can find lots of information.
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4. Carry a minimum amount of personal information.

If you ever end up in a situation where you get your wallet/purse stolen, the thief could take lots of information.
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Monitor your bank statements and credit card bills

If someone has taken your credit card and you don't check your bills, they could be charging thousands of dollars to your account.
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6. Secure your mail

Your mail has very personal information on it, if anyone gets that information they could charge lots of money from your accounts, or steal your identity.
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7. Treat personal information with care

Personal information should only be known by yourself. Sharing that information could allow access for someone to find out where you live, how old you are, or who you are.
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8. Install a firewall

A firewall is a part of a computer system that blocks unauthorized access. This would prevent from someone being able to find out who you are.
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9. Check your credit report

Checking your credit report will show you the use of account.
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10. Be smart about ATM's

When using ATM's be careful who is watching because they can find out your code and take lots of money from your account.
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