Egg Drop

By: Lauryn Wessely


The purpose for the egg drop was to build a safe and secure contraption so when the egg dropped 50 feet from the firetruck and not crack. When my partner and I tried out different things it was hard to know how the egg would end up. We tried a parachute. Then my friend and I thought that if we use just a parachute the bottom would probably crack. So what we did was we used the cardboard and put on the bottom with tape and and packing peanut and see what would happen. When it came to the egg drop I think what saved us a little was putting the cardboard on the bottom. The thing that didn't work the was using the paper bag for the parachute instead of paper, and not using the cardboard on the bottom first. We tried certain things and we thought that if we had some support on the bottom it would give the egg a better chance of not cracking.


My partner and I took a while to find the name, but we chose the name Splat. We chose the name Splat because we thought that our egg was going to splat.


We attempted to solve the problem by figuring out if we thought our egg was going to crack. We thought that if the egg was going to crack on the top, bottom, and the sides we decided to put support there so the egg would have a less chance of cracking on the sides. It turned out that the egg cracked on the upper side. It wasn't that big though.

Presentation Body

  • Attempted To Solve The Problem
  • Thinking of ways to build the contraption
  • Testing the contraption
  • Improving the contraption
  • Then testing it out once more
  • Then adding the final details
  • Brainstorm How You Think You Will Solve It
  • Writing down ways to build the contraption
  • Drawing how your going to build the contraption
  • Adding on more to your list and drawing
  • Building the contraption to see how it works
  • Choosing How To Solve It
  • Try different things and see how it turned out
  • My partner and I wanted to see what the egg would do if we put cardboard on the bottom
  • We tried the plastic bag, cardboard, and the paper for the parachute and it turned out that we did the paper
  • My partner and I were going to make a seat for the egg but the egg had a better chance of breaking so we used the Dixie cups for the seat instead
  • Explain Why You Chose The Way You Did
  • We chose to do these things because we thought that the egg would be safer and more secure
  • How Did You See If Your Design Would Work
  • We figured out that our design would work because we tested it and made the improvements that we needed
  • What Adjustments Or Changes That You Made To Your Idea And Why
  • We made these adjustments and changes because we knew that just settling with our contraption and not fixing anything was going to make our egg into a breakfast
  • How Your Final Design Did
  • Our final design was worth it because in the end when we did the actual egg drop our egg only had just a little crack in it and our contraption was pretty sturdy
  • What Changes Or Suggestions Do You Have If You Were To Do This Again
  • I would definitely suggest a contraption that had more capability to fly like a kite
  • I would also recommend support so the egg would have more of a cushioning
  • Definitely use cardboard for the sturdiness
  • Toothpicks would be helpful for the stand up so the egg won't land directly on the ground
  • A seat that the egg could sit in would be very interesting to see what it turns out like

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