Brazos River

Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

Upcoming Events

December 7th - Signing Santa - TCC Sign Language Interpreter Program-Arlington Skatorium*

December 14th -Secondary Christmas Party-

February 1st - Peer Review Parent Surveys due-(coming in January)

February 6th - Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Summit

February 26-28th - RDSPD Peer Review

National Deaf Center on Post Secondary Outcomes- BRRDSPD will Pilot New Program

The Brazos River RDSPD high school class, Navigating Life with Hearing Loss at Weatherford High School has been chosen as a pilot site for Deafverse: World 1 and their curriculum. Deafverse was developed by the National Deaf Center on Post Secondary Outcomes and is an opportunity for DHH students, through a game format to make a post-secondary plan. Kent Turner, the gaming coordinator at the National Deaf Center visited with our students on November 15th to share information about the pilot program.
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