Tech Tip #7

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File Explorer Tricks

The File Explorer is a great tool that we access constantly. Make your life a little easier when searching for a pesky file. Let's check out a few of the tech tips...
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View Options

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The first section reveals the panes you can customize: navigation pane, preview pane or details pane.

The second section refers to the layout of your main window pane and the icons that are visible. Select from large icons to listing details of your files.

In the last cluster of options, you can select to view your files and folders in certain ways. Select to sort or group the files in the main window pane.

Window Panes

In File Explorer, you can manage which window panes you want to view. You always have the main Window frame displaying your folders and files but you can reveal or hide 2 additional window panes.
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The window pane (1) to the left is the navigation pane. It lists different locations such as folders, hard drives, devices, etc.

The window pane (2) to the right can be toggled to show or hide is the preview or details pane.

The main window pane (3) can be customized as well with a few different features such as icon size, and sorting options.

The Details Pane

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The Preview Pane

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Layout Options

In the layout options, you may select the size of icons displayed or select a layout that shows extra information.

Icon size options

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Additional options

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Current View Options

The current view in the main window frame allows you to sort or group your files for easy recognition and access.

Sorting will keep all the files together but ordered in the manner you selected. Grouping will separate the files in the manner you selected.

You can sort or group your files by numerous ways. There is a given set listed but you can customize the list by selecting 'choose columns.'

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Sample- Sort by: Kind

The image below displays the files sorted by the kind of they are such as Word documents, PPTs, PDFs, and so on.
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Sample- Group by: Kind

The image below shows how a grouping would show. They are separated into their kinds such as PDFs, images, Excel spreadsheets, etc.
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