Cultural Perception

by: Jace Ciszek, Corinna Kline, Alex Cazales, Arnold Gaytan

Cultural Perception

When looking at J.D. Sallinger's famous novel "A Catcher in the Rye", it can be said that the novel provides a certain curtural perception concerning women, pop culture and how American's think due to the reading of the novel.


1. How was the role of women in society in transition during post-war period?

-During war, women proved that they could do the men's work. Manufacturing jobs were open to women as long as the war was on. After war women workers were replaced with men. They went from strong confident women to sweet innocent women. They took care of the children and cleaned the house while the men went to work all day long.

2. Describe the ideal woman according to Hollywood.

-Women in CHC showed the women as daring women who always went after the hero instead of the sweethearts that they were portrayed as in many other films. There were the dangerous seductress and the abnormally independent woman that appeared in the CHC films. They were the ones who came closest to their independence but never got it. However, in most films the women were shown as the supporting character. These women embraced their proper place in the nuclear family.

3. What contrasting media images of femininity did the public receive during the post-war era?

-Some contrasting media images received would be from actresses that were appearing on films and TV shows. For example, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich were independent women who used their sexual attractiveness and didn't like the idea of the nuclear family. However their were lots of images out there that showed women always cooking or taking care of her children.

4. How might these images have effect on Holden's perception of romantic interests?

- These might affect Holden's perception of romantic interests because it showed how women started to show themselves more.

5. List the following popular "best of" items from 1951 with 2-3 examples of each.

-One of the most popular "best of" items in 1951 was the Alice in Wonderland watch. This watch is Alice herself, coming in a teacup in a colorful Walt Disney gift box that showed scenes of the March Hare's tea party. Another item is the Butch the pup toy. This toy is a wooden dog with a pull cord children used to pretend to walk a dog with.

6. What kind of music were people listening to?

-The kind of music people mostly listened to was German music as well as classical music during this time.

7. Who and what were they seeing at the movies?

-The movies beings seen at the movie theaters were short documentaries, these movies being mostly about war.

8. How was psychiatry viewed within mainstream America in the early 1950s? Is this different from today?

-Psychiatry was viewed in mainstream America in the early 1950's as a religious punishment. They had shock therapy for people with an illness are they were locked away in hospitals so that they weren't near anyone who didn't have any mental problems. Now a days they are treated equally and instead of being locked away, they have doctors to help them out and medicine for the patients to take.

Textural Evidence

On page 95 in chapter 13, when Holden tells the man in the elevator, Maurice, that he would like one of the prostitutes he does not seem to really understand or know exactly what he wants. He goes back and forth in his mind to try and figure out what he wants to do. When the prostitute arrives to his room, all he wants is to talk to her and nothing more. This shows Holden's confusions about what he wants.


1. Women during post-war were working in maufacturing.

2. Marlene Dietrich played a sweet caring wife.

3. Classical and Germna music was most listened to.

4. Movies were mostly about war

5. Women were expected to be sweet hearts.

6. Noboddy liked the idea of a nuclear family.

7. They used shock therapy to keep people with illnesses away

8. Psychiatry is seen the same now as it was in the1950's

9. Psychiatry was viewed as a religious punishment

10. One of the 'best of' items in 1951 was Alice in Wonderland.

Answers to quiz

1. False

2. False

3. True

4. True

5. True

6. False

7. True

8. False

9. True

10. True