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Why do you think that your composer is worthy of study? {Place the composer's period in this box (e.g. Romantic Era)}

Respond to this prompt using R.S.S.E.

Restate and answer the question

Support from text

Support from self

Extend ("Just like in the text..." OR "In the passage..." OR "The video described...")

You must also insert an audio clip/musical composition for your composer. We have to hear their work! In addition, insert 3 images that represent the composer or musical period. You want your presentation to look eye-catching as well. Do these things below. Good luck!

Ray Chen Violin

W. A. Mozart - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 3 in G Major, K 216 - Allegro by Ray Chen Violin
Harry Potter - Havoc at Hogwarts (Theme Rap Beat) - Raisi K.