Summarize, Collect, and Judge

NICHOLAS REMALEY-Devils Arithmetic


Have you ever woken up in a different world where your life depended on how you look? Well this happened to Hannah!

One night she was enjoying Jewish Passover Seder, with it's fun games, at her grandparents house with her family, including her Aunt Eva. One of the traditions, like putting up a Christmas tree at Christmas for Christians, was opening the door and seeing if the myth Elijah the Prophet was there. As Hannah went to peek through the door as she took a step the whole world around her changed she was, not in the 1980's but in the 1940's, a non-technically advanced, Holocaust era.

It was dark and gloomy when she finally woke up. But then as she woke up she had people surrounding her that she had never seen before acting like they've known her there whole life. They were basically were her guardians in this new world so it was either to live with them and adjust to this world or be homeless on the streets. One family member, Shumel, was getting married to a girl named Faye. So she rode with her new supposed family to the wedding, but on there way they were stopped by Nazi solders who said they had to relocate them [which basically meant go to concentration camps]. They put them in dirty, disgusting box cars with barley any wholes to breathe to transport them to the concentration camps. Many people died in the box cars and never made it to camp. [which was probably a good thing]Hannah had to take a shower at the camp to get off the stink of death and pee. The boys and girls were separated and had to give up their clothes to wear ripped and ugly clothes. They all had to cut their hair off to show that they meant business and no one was better than the other, and had a tattoo put on their arm showing where they came from and other facts about their personal life. That was their prisoner number.

It was horrendous at the camp. They had to do inhuman jobs like working in the fields all day in the hot sun with no water. At night she had to be very careful that she wasn't the chosen one. They were taken and killed. She met Rivka, who knew how to survive in the camps and she taught Hannah what to do. All this because Hitler hated Jews. He got a lot of soldiers to believe him and they killed hundreds of thousands of Jewish people. But the weird thing is he was killing people who were just like him. Brown haired, brown eyed Jewish people. Hannah had to stay alive to try to get back to her grandparents and family.

At one point, it seemed like she had been there for months and months but she went through the Lilith Cave and woke up right outside the door she had went through. It was still the same night when she left. Her grandfather asked her if Elijah the Prophet was there and Hannah said no but was very scared. She noticed her Aunt Eva had a tattoo on her arm like she saw in the camp. She told Aunt Eva about the number on her arm. Then Aunt Eva confessed that her name was Rivka in camps and that most people who survived camps changed there name so Now she is Aunt Eva. And Grandpa Will was Wolf in camps. Plus she told Hannah that Yitzack and Gitl made it out of the camps and moved to Israel and now Gitl created a business to try and reunite families that lost each other in the Holocaust. And she named her Business CHAYA after her beloved niece who died in camps.



1. I found it interesting that in camps each person got a number tattooed on their arm depending on if you were Jewish or Greek. It told of facts about the person and what family they were part of, etc.

2. I found it interesting that Jews or people in the camps had to be 14 years old or older but younger kids were still taken into camps. Even though they weren't supposed to.

3. I found it interesting that all Jews or citizens that ended up in concentration camps had to get shaved bald. Why? Was it to torture them because Nazi's didn't think they were perfect enough?

4. I found it interesting that in some concentration camps you couldn't wear your own clothes you had to wear clothes they supplied you with.

5. I found it interesting that people either got killed by shooting or toxic or poisonous gas. I thought they put them in the oven and burned them to death.

6. I found it interesting that Hitler chose Jewish people to hate, especially if they had brown hair and they didn't have blue eyes wen he was Jewish with brown hair and brown eyes. So he basically hated himself.

7. I found it interesting that Hitler had millions of soldiers when he was doing such a wrong act. Why did people go with him?

8. I found it interesting that in camps they didn't allow husbands and wives together. They separated men and women.

9. I found it interesting that each person had to sleep in these hard bunkers right next to each other. I mean you could hear someone snoring.

10. I also found it interesting about the weird jobs that they were forced to do that were disgusting. And they were treated inhumanly.


First viewpoint I chose is Hitler:

*Hitler viewed Jews as unworthy, not even human. He thought that all Jews weren't good enough and weren't superior.

*He thought that all Jewish people should be dead.

*He felt that the Holocaust was the right thing to do.

*He blamed Jewish people for World World One and decline of the economy.

*Hitler believed that concentration camps were a place to kill people that he thought weren't perfect. He didn't believe they should live in the community and have their own homes, jobs and freedom.

Second viewpoint I chose is Hannah from Devil's Arithmetic:

*Hannah hated the Holocaust and didn't want anything to do with it.

*She viewed Jews as normal people that should have a life like anyone else.

*She viewed Hitler as a mean and cruel dictator.

*Hannah thought concentration camps were horrible places to live and work and die.

I agree with Hannah. I hate the Holocaust because it took the lives of millions of innocent people, just because of their were Jewish and Greek. And Jewish people were being killed depending on their looks and they can't help how they look. Plus, they were killed because they were Jewish when they can't help what religion they were raised to follow.I think the holocaust was a cruel and horrendous thing. Don't let this happen again.