Performance-Enhancers in Sports

Module 8

Kendra Stokes

I chose this article because I thought it was an interesting read about why steroids or performance enhancement drugs should be legalized. It was a different side compared to the majority of articles on why it should be illegal.

Jesus Arvizu

I chose this article because it shows every argument against PEDs. It gives examples of baseball players who took PEDs and how it is not far or healthy to be taking these types of drugs.

Emerald Damge

I also chose an article about why we should allow athletes to use performance-enhancers. I think it help provide an argument for the side we hear less about and allows us to get both sides to maybe help fully understand.

Paxton Lloyd

This article explains how performance-enhancing drugs are increasing at the high school level. It then continues talking about the dangers of taking them. I thought this was a good article because the people who are explaining everything are reliable people and professionals at what they do. They’ve seen it many times before, right in front of their eyes. This article shows that performance-enhancing drugs are not a good idea, especially for teenagers.

Mark Zinke

I chose this article because a lot of us know that steroids and other
performance enhancing drugs are terrible for the body, but is that really
why we care so much when people take them? No, its because of our morals
and we know that it is cheating. This article talks about why we care.