Summer Reading Project


Death Cloud

After a few days, Sherlock discovers that his brother hired a tutor Amyus Crowe. During their first tutor session Sherlock finds a dead body. An witnesses the same cloud surrounding the body that Matty had seen.

With Mattys help they were led to an old, cold, dirty wear house. Sherlock almost died from villains who torched the wear house Sherlock escaped the fire wear house. He therefore sets out with Matty on that chill morning. He is led to A fair that is filled with people. He is then kidnapped by Baron Maupertuis and questioned until Matty saves Sherlock. Then they go to the tutors home knowing Baron left the head quarters.

With more information they find out Baron is shipping a weapon from London Warf, They all team up to fight Baron, Virginia was seen fighting Mr. surd so Sherlock helps he pushes Mr. Surd into a beehive and he dies. with all the pollen in the air Sherlock fainted. He later woke up and talked about what happened. When Sherlock glanced to the left he saw BARON!

7 Blocks

1st : Sherlock Tutor.

2nd: Dead body.

3rd: Yellow powder.

4th: Leading up to a wear house.

5th: Leading up to a fair.

6th: Mr. Surd dies.

7th: Baron is alive.


Sherlock would bring a magnifier glass, camera, and his jacket o vacation because if he ever got into a mess or he was trying to figure something out he would need all 3 things to help him out