A Musical Week


The little kinders can't wait to sing for you next Tuesday. All this week they have been practicing so hard for their winter musical, continued to learn about community helpers, and were introduced to hibernating animals.

Pairing up to Draw a Community Helper and his/her Environment

What We've Learned This Week.

Language Arts

1.Digraphs ch, wh, and Ph

We sounded initial “wh”, " ch" and “ph” through repetition and showing pictures of words that have initial “ch"," wh", and "ph".

2. Vocabulary

The students defined the word “hibernation” on their vocabulary notebook.

3. Writing/Story Elements

  • To reinforce their understanding of story elements (title, characters, setting, problem, and solution). They created their own story by drawing the beginning, middle, and ending events of their story.
  • They began writing their story


1. Skip counting by 5s and 10s

2. Money Value

  • They distinguished between pennies, nickels, and dimes by identifying the pictures of people or symbols in the front and back of the coins.
  • They practiced adding up pennies, nickels, and dimes separately by counting by 1s, 5s, and 10s.

Social Studies

Community & Community Helpers

  • The students were paired up to choose one community helper to draw and explain his/ her job.
  • The students also brainstormed what is missing from the little community we built.
  • In groups, they added the missing items/ buildings (traffic and street signs, pets, trees, a pharmacy, and a bank).



· They defined hibernation

· They were introduced to animals - other than bears - that hibernate.


Fine Motor Skills

They practiced writing digraphs as well as writing complete sentences on their writing journals and on their Phonics book.

Mr. Schneider Explaining to Kids Hanukkah Traditions

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Question to Ask your Child

Language Arts

· Give examples of words that begin with “wh”“ph” & “ ch”

Social Studies

· Give examples of community helpers.

· What are their jobs?

· What kind of community helpers do you want to be?


· What does “ hibernation” mean?

· Why do some animals hibernate?

· What animals hibernate and what migrate?

Making a 3D Snowman


December 14th

Please bring the homework 1 inch binder

December 15th

JK/ K Winter Musical @ 5:30

December 17th

Class holiday Party @ 2:30