All About Me!

Mrs. Baldwin - September, 2015

Summer Fun!

I traveled to several states on the East Coast this summer with my husband. We went to upstate New York for our son's wedding and graduation from his surgical residency in Cooperstown, New York While there we also traveled to New York City, Boston, and Manchester Center, Vermont. Some famous sites we visited were the Central Park Zoo, the Empire State Building, Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty, We enjoyed two musicals on Broadway and got lost in Central Park. We walked the entire Freedom Trail in Boston and we visited three Revolutionary war sites in New York - Fort Stanwix, Fort Ticonderoga and Saratoga. I have an ancestor that fought in the American Revolutionary War - on the wrong side. Guess which Broadway musical I saw with my two of my grandchildren?

Favorite Things

When I am not teaching, you might be surprised (or not) to know that I love to read! I also like to travel, cook, plant flowers, camp, fish and hike. My favorite people are my husband, my three grown children and their spouses, my six grandchildren and my extended family members. I also love working with the people here at Redoubt Elementary. And, I especially love the library!