February STAT Newsletter

Updated Sunshine University Sessions

New Sessions added to make up for those that have been missed:

March 16th 8:30 Bcpsone Tests and Quizzes: A really important resource for creating your own assessments digitally and accessing assessments that have been made by BCPS. There is talk next year about culminating events being given through this platform and math unit assessments part 1 for intermediate grades already have this option. Please bring your device and a short assessment you would like to recreate digitally. **This session is also scheduled for Feb. 17th 4:05 and no one is signed up yet

Feb. 25th 4:05 OneNote, Office 365 and OneDrive: Cloud storage and note-taking programs ** This session is also offered this Friday Feb. 5th at 8:30. Please bring your device.

*The Sandbox that was missed because of snow may be rescheduled for our PD day March 4th. There is another Sandbox session that is being offered Feb. 24th 8:30. These sessions are for playing with tools you have already learned about in past sessions, asking further questions, getting assistance in creating a product etc.

My Favorite No

Mentioned in the intermediate math PD in January and in the Feb. edition of Newsflush, My Favorite No. Watch the 5 minute video to see how a teacher uses it in her classroom. I love that she always starts with asking students the positives, or what was done right, in the problem before starting the discussion about how to make corrections. This can be done at any grade level and is also a great way to quickly assess students' understanding.

What in the world has your STAT teacher been up to?

Since the last time I sent a message, I have been:

leading learning walks

question coaching sessions

planning sunshine U. sessions

Full day STAT meetings where I have attended sessions on- device apps, coaching, ELA and enhancing literacy practices through comprehension and technology, Elementary Math Curricular Enhancements, New Grading policy, DreamBox Data Dashboard

Half day STAT meetings once a month with Carol and other principals where we participate in learning walks and discuss small group strategies.

Equity Training- once a month, half day with other teachers/admins at our school, learn about race and equity

Attending sessions after school through DLU University (you should check it out.....5 workshops for 1 credit) https://bcpsodl.pbworks.com/w/page/86570764/DLU : I attended screenshots and screencasts, Discovery Ed, Digital response tools, tests and quizzes in bcpsone

Running 24 Club after school on Tuesdays

Attending grade level meetings

Co-planning and co-teaching

Weekly meetings with Carol and Cherie

Important Upcoming Dates

Grade Level Meetings:

K Feb. 9, Gr 1 Feb 11, gr 2 Feb. 12, Gr 3 Feb. 16, Gr 4 Feb 18, Gr 5 Feb 19

Faculty Meeting Feb. 22

I am out half day Feb. 4th, 16th and 17th and full day Feb. 18th for trainings and full day Feb. 29th.

Sunshine University: Feb 5th 8:30 OneNote OneDrive Office 365, Feb. 17th 4:05 Bcpsone Tests and Quizzes and Mar. 16 8:30, Mar. 3 8:30 Flipped Learning Screencasts and Screenshots and Mar. 7th 4:05, Mar 22nd 8:30 Interactive Assignments and Turn-ins

Salad Bar Feb. 11th

Winter Wonder Who ends Feb. 12th quick meeting after school

Great Things Happening

Thank you all so much for welcoming your colleagues into your rooms during our learning walks. We got so many great ideas and got to appreciate the wonderful work you do everyday!

Thank you to Bethany for allowing me to come in and co-teach a math lesson! I really enjoyed it! Please let me know if you would ever like to co-teach a lesson. Here is the perfect opportunity to have me come in: Do your student's know what it means to be challenged? Do they understand that being given challenging work is a good thing and it doesn't mean they aren't smart if the work is difficult? If not, I'd be happy to come in and do a mini-lesson on challenging work and what it means to preserve. Just let me know!

I'm looking forward to lesson studies and hope you are too! Don't forget to let me know when you would like to plan your lesson as I will need to be included in the planning process. Still wondering why we are doing lesson studies? Check out this quick video. Remember you will have to login to bypass the filter on youtube.

Lesson Study Overview: Introduction, from Lesson Study Support Kit