Dyslexia Newsletter

January 2022

Happy New Year!!!!

I can't believe that we are now in the Year 2022. This year will be full of many things to come for the world of dyslexia as we know it. This newsletter will provide you with some information that you will find useful.

Important Dates to Remember

January 31st - Deadline for ALL 1st Grade students to be screened for dyslexia. Refer to the dyslexia handbook for required criteria. Districts need to document students that are not screened (moved, IEP, already identified with dyslexia, etc.).

End of Year - ALL Kindergarten students screened for dyslexia

June 16th - PEIMS submission for 1) Dyslexia Risk for Kindergarten and 1st grade students, as identified by the dyslexia screener AND 2) dyslexia service code for all students identified with dyslexia and/or a related disorder

Dyslexia Handbook Update

On September 3rd, 2021, the State Board of Education (SBOE) gave final approval for updates to the Dyslexia Handbook. Some of the updates to the Dyslexia Handbook may require LEAs to make policy, procedure, and practice changes. The updated Dyslexia Handbook will go into effect in the coming weeks (20 days after filing as adopted with the Texas Register). LEAs are encouraged to inform staff and begin the process of preparing for implementation so they are well-positioned to be in compliance once the changes go into effect. Additional guidance and information will be released as the in-effect date approaches. For more information on the updated Dyslexia Handbook please click on the link below for the "Letter To The Administrator Addressed."

Updates to Dyslexia Handbook: Procedures Concerning Dyslexia and Related Disorders (Dyslexia Handbook)

The handbook contains guidelines for school districts to follow as they identify and provide services for students with dyslexia. In addition, information regarding the state's dyslexia statutes and their relation to various federal laws is included.

NEW! Dyslexia Grant Award Program for Local Education Agencies (LEAs)

What is the purpose of the Dyslexia Grant Award Program for LEAs?

This grant program allows for Texas school districts and open-enrollment charters to apply for funding to increase local capacity to appropriately serve students with dyslexia. LEAs will be able to apply for grant funding to provide:

  • high-quality training to classroom teachers and administrators in meeting the needs of students with dyslexia; and/or
  • training to intervention staff resulting in appropriate credentialing related to dyslexia.

To learn more about this program, register for the Dyslexia Grant Award Program for LEAs Overview Informational Webinar

  • Date: January 6, 2022
  • Time: 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m.
  • Session Description: This session will provide general information about the Dyslexia Grant Award Program for LEAs, eligibility, and the sample training options for educators that can be funded through this grant.

Register online by copying this link into a web browser: https://bit.ly/TDGPWebinar1622

For grant program questions, e-mail dyslexiagrantprogram@esc4.net.


Take Flight Training at Region 7

Region 7 is pleased to offer Take Flight Training. Participants that successfully complete the two-year training will be able to sit for the ALTA exam to become a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT).

For more information, a Q and A session will be held on January 10th at 3:30. Please complete this form HERE to be notified with the link to attend.

More information can be found HERE

Take Flight Registration

Upcoming Training

Dyslexia Roundtable- January 21st (Please register by January 14th)

ETEDA Presents: Dyslexia and Dysgraphia in the FIE (2021-2022) - February 2nd

Texas Dyslexia Academy Training 1 - February 25th (recommended training for all dyslexia teachers and satisfies the Continuing Education Credit for teachers.)

Specially Designed Instruction for Students with a Specific Learning Disability in Reading Comprehension - March 2nd

A SPED Perspective on Dyslexia Evaluation, Identification, & Remediation - June 6th

Texas Dyslexia Academy Training 1 - June 13th (recommended training for all dyslexia teachers and satisfies the Continuing Education Credit for teachers)

Reading By Design Dyslexia Intervention - July 11th - 15th (Attendance Required for All Days)

English Spelling is Not Crazy - June 30th

Training Dates to Be Determined:

Texas Dyslexia Academy Training 2 - This training will become available as soon as the Dyslexia Handbook has been posted. At least one person from each district will be required to attend.