6th, 7th & 8th Grade AVID

Ms. Wolfe's Course Syllabus

The Mission of AVID

AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

It is expected that AVID students will:

· Succeed in the most rigorous curriculum,

· Enter mainstream activities of the school,

· Increase their enrollment in four-year colleges, and

· Become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society.

Key Instructional Strategies:

· WICOR (Writing to Learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading to Learn)

· Cornell Notes

· Socratic Seminars

· Tutorials: In-school tutoring system in the AVID elective

· Organizational Skills/Digital Binders

Course Materials

Students are to have the following materials everyday:

  • Charged Chromebook
  • AVID Folder with all required supplies
  • Writing implement (pencil or blue/black pen)


  • Google Drive Binder: Students will be keeping a Google Drive Binder for all core classes to be checked in the AVID classroom. Students will need to access the Google Drive Binder every day. The Google Drive Binder will be graded every week.
  • Bell Work: Will be completed daily. It will involve several things that revolve around our WICOR strategies. Bell work will be graded weekly.
  • Class Work: Students will complete class work using a combination of digital and paper and pencil work.
  • Homework: Students will be assigned homework EVERY Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday due the following school day.
A) Both Monday and Wednesday night students will be expected to complete a tutorial form. This is a major component of the AVID Curriculum. Students will be unable to participate in the tutorials fully without completing the tutorial form the night before.

B) Tuesday night, students will be expected to make sure that their digital binder and digital calendar is in order according to the rubric. They will also be expected to have complete Cornell Notes on Wednesday as well. The number of Cornell Notes due changes as the year moves forward, but the maximum number expected will be five.

C) Other homework will consist of finishing assignments not completed in class. This type of homework will be minimal because I make it a point to give adequate class time to complete assignments.


Classwork/Homework/Test 50%

Learning Logs

Class Activities



Tutorials 30%

Tutorials every Tuesday and Thursday

Binder Checks 20%

Organized Documents

Cornell Notes

Digital Calendar or Planner


Expectations: Students will maintain the utmost respect for teachers, classmates, different points-of-view, classroom materials, and themselves as growing teenagers. Chromebooks are expected to be present every day and ready for class use. They are to be fully charged, protected and kept clean as it belongs to OCPS. Most assigned homework and projects can be completed offline at home. Students must submit assignments at the appropriate place, in the appropriate format, follow-up by checking teacher comments, then confirm their final grade by checking Progressbook. Students will still need some physical supplies (see list). Personal belongings should be well guarded.

Class Rules

· Be prepared with necessary materials-Charged Chromebook and your AVID binder

· Read & copy the daily agenda into your planner

· Begin Bellwork as soon as you enter the class

· Raise hand and wait to be recognized before speaking (one voice classroom)

· Do not get out of seat without permission (like for trash or sharpening pencils)

· Bathroom passes are for emergencies only

· Leaving the room as a class to go anywhere on campus (lunch, drills, etc), we will walk in single-file line, quietly, away from the wall, on the right side of the hall, and together (no gaps)

· Personal electronic items need to be off & out of sight. The only acceptable electronic device is your Chromebook

Teacher will announce time to pack up at the end of the period. Quietly wait in your assigned seat for my signal to exit the room

Classroom Expectations

1. Treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times.

  • We listen carefully and respectfully as others express opinions that may be different from ours.
  • We share our opinions and concerns without loud or offensive language, gestures or profanity.

2. Treat each other with kindness.

  • We treat each other as we would like to be treated.
  • We do not threaten or cause physical or bodily harm to another.
  • We do not threaten or cause damage to the property of another.
  • We do not bully, belittle or tease another and we do not allow others to do so in our presence.
  • We do not demean and are not abusive or obscene in any of our communications.

3. Take responsibility for our own actions.

  • We share information honestly.
  • We refrain from displays of temper.
  • We do not disrupt or attempt to interfere with the operation of a classroom or any other work or public area of a school or school facility.

4. Cooperate with one another. This means that:

  • We obey school rules for access and visitation.
  • We respect the legitimate obligations and time constraints we each face.
  • We notify each other when we have information that might help reach our common goal. This will include information about safety issues, academic progress, changes that might impact a student’s work or events in the community that might impact the school.
  • We respond when asked for assistance.
  • We understand that we do not always get our way.


If you MISBEHAVE, remember…

I will follow OCPS and Liberty’s level of consequences which will all be documented:

o Verbal correction

o Time-out to another classroom

o Detention (lunch, before/after school)

o Parent Contact

o Parent Teacher Conference

o Referral to Administrator

Academic Honesty

All work submitted physically and digitally must be original by the student. Resources and quotes must be documented under the correct format. Undocumented use of another’s words, ideas, or full document is plagiarism, which a student will receive no credit and asked to revise.

Get Connected

Parents are encouraged to get connected daily as well. Edmodo can be a tool to know what the daily agenda, assignments, and homework are. We will be utilizing Google Calendar for our “digital planner” to record important dates. For communication, my email is preferable, but I will also answer and return calls before and after school hours, or during my planning period. Face-to-face conferences can be made by calling the front office.

Ms. Wendy Wolfe

Education/Experience: I am a graduate of Tennessee Wesleyan College with a degree in English Education, and I fulfilled a four-year basketball scholarship. I continued my education at Tusculum College where I earned my Master's Degree. I have a total of twenty-six years teaching experience: ten in high school and sixteen in middle school.