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Henderson Weekly Newsletter

May 30, 2016

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." --Henry Brooks Adams

Commit to Excellence

What a way to end the school year! Thursday's events were extremely scary and emotionally draining. The responsibility of keeping everyone safe was clear and present on Thursday. I could not have been more proud of everyone as you stayed calm, consoled little ones (and big ones) who were frightened and did your very best to keep all safe. As unprecedented events unfolded you were courageous and calm! Thank you for being "excellent" no matter what you are faced with.

I hope you were able to relax and enjoy the 4 day weekend. Incase you have not heard, we will have school on Friday the 3rd as our makeup day. We will plan to have our field day outside or possibly inside if it rains. Do all you can to talk up this school day as we want as many students to attend as possible.

Remember to keep routines and procedures in place as much as possible. Keep kids engaged for every minute. You know what they say about idle hands!!!

Believe in yourselves! Believe in your kids! I believe in you!


What a wonderful GT Expo! Thank you to teachers for all of your efforts in preparing your kids for this event. Mrs. Bryant has agreed to be Henderson's GT representative. I am very excited to see Henderson's GT program grow with Mrs. Bryant's help and guidance!

You all rocked on Thursday! Thank you for keeping kids safe and calm on Thursday.

Several staff stayed late on Thursday so that those who had to tend to their families could leave. Thank you to Mrs. Rossman, Mrs. Saenz, Mr. Pequeno, Mrs. Marak, Ms. Garcia, Mr. Mendoza, Ms. Castillo, Ms. Saldana, Mrs. Garcia-Rhodes, Ms. Rutkowski, Ms. Enriquez, and Mrs. Armagost.

Thank you to Mrs. Saenz, Ms. Enriquez, Mr. Mendoza and Mrs. Marak who stayed even later to ensure those students who were stranded due to closed roads made it home.

5th Grade Graduation

In keeping with Henderson's tradition, K-4 will line the hallways at 9:00am on Wednesday. 5th graders will walk through each hallway twice in a procession.K-4 students should politely clap and cheer them on before they enter the cafeteria for their promotion ceremony.

Wednesday Faculty Meeting

In light of all of the changes in scheduling we will have one more faculty meeting in place of our own awards luncheon that was supposed to be held immediately following the district awards on Friday. We will have snacks as well as recognize our perfect attendance recipients, years of service awards and those who are moving on to other opportunities.


If a student has made progress the last 2 months of school since being DRA/EDL tested, a copy of the student's running record at the new level should be attached to the DRA/EDL form. This will help to communicate to the next year's teacher.

Moving Rooms?

Please have ALL of your items moved into your room or moved out of the building by June 10th. We must set a date so that keys can be exchanged etc.


Check with Barbie BEFORE report cards are run to ensure students who are being retained are marked correctly on the report cards. We DO NOT want a student who is being retained to bring home a report card that says promoted.

Summer Reading

If you did not receive The Reading Zone, please contact Linda. All teachers should read this book during the summer. I have already had some very positive feedback about the book!

Cici's Pizza

Please send ALL students who received an invitation to Cici's Pizza to the cafeteria at 10:30am on Tuesday. These students should have either perfect attendance or/and all As for the entire school year. If you feel we made a mistake, please contact Barbie or Amy.

Employee Awards ?

When I know, I will let you know!


  • Student Laptops:

    • Ensure all student machines have been powered off

    • Place iPads in plastic bag

    • Return teacher iPads

    • Laptops will be placed in tubs (when turned in)

    • Return to Mrs. Garza in the library

    • Please see schedule that was emailed out

  • Textbooks will be collected Tuesday, May 31st!
  • Jeans on Tuesday and Friday. (not Wednesday or Thursday due to promotion ceremonies)
  • We will have collegiate students at Henderson on Tuesday working with textbooks and cleaning closets, etc. If you need assistance with something I am sure they can help. Just let me or Mrs. Rhodes know. It could be reading with students or manual labor. They are doing this for volunteer hours.
  • Please let the office know if you have perfect attendance for the year. We do not want to miss anyone!

Mark Your Calendar!


30 Memorial Day Holiday

31 Cici's Pizza (All As and Perfect Attendance All Year Kids)

Yearbook party @2:30pm for those who purchased a yearbook


1 5th Grade Graduation 9:15am 1/2 Awards 1:30pm

Normal 50 minute specials schedule. This will be a Friday.

Faculty Meeting

2 Kindergarten Graduation 9:30am 3/4 Awards 1:30pm

3 Field Day (2nd attempt) Keep your fingers crossed!