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We have created two games for the xbox or pc on Kodu Game lab. 'Landing on Mars' is our first game for ages 10-13 for any gender! And 'Journey to Emerald City' is a Wizard of Oz based game which is perfect for young children aged 5-9! And best of all, they're FREE!!!

Read on for more information about both amazing, new and fun packed games.

Journey To Emerald City


Journey to emerald City is a fun game designed for children based on the well known and favourite story, The Wizard of Oz. With modern twists to the story it will be exciting and unusual to play as you travel through Oz towards Emerald City and find pleasant surprises as you go. With flying fish and a witches castle it is a slightly challenging but entertaining game!

This is perfect for ages 5-9 because it is a colourful and fun game which is based around a story everyone has heard of or knows. But if you find the story boring we have differnt parts which will make it feel more modern and more fun to play.

And dont forget, its FREE!!!

Landing On Mars


Landing on Mars is a game designed for ages 10-13. It is based around Mars and on the way aliens attack, the Mars Rover is found and collecting fallen stars will help you find your spaceship and make your way back home! You can play it at any time because it is a short game but is jampacked with fresh ideas which makes it origional. Children aged 10-13 have all heard of man walking on the moon and going into space, well know they can travel to space and walk on Mars! By playing this game, you can finally go to space and take 'one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind.' !!!

Best of all its FREE!!!

And remember, they are completely FREE!!!

Games Launch

Wednesday, April 17th 2013 at 10:30am

This is an online event.

Just play and enjoy!