Unlock At&t Iphone 5

iphone unlock


Iphone 5 is a revolutionary Smartphone which has been developed by Apple Inc and it is a touch screen phone. It is the sixth generation of iphone. It has a 4 inch screen with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios which is a slimmer, lighter model. It has all the upgraded features for a Smartphone.
Iphone needs to be unlocked for various reasons. There is no doubt that the iphone 5 has loaded features and one of the top brands in terms of smart phones but by unlocking the phone there is actually lot more that can be done on the phone. Apple has lot of restrictions when it comes to its features and its limits. And by unlocking the phone, we can maximize the use of the phone with its limitless features. Unlocking is done basically to use all the features and apps which are restricted by apple. Unlocking is a legal process.
Iphone is tied up with At&t initially as they had collaboration when the device was created. Apart from At&t, there are other service providers also like Sprint and Verizon. But iphone can only work with a GSM compatible SIM card and will not work on any CDMA network. Even when the iphone is unlocked, all the features and apps of the phone would still work.
There are many benefits by unlocking the Iphone 5. By doing so, the iphone can be used by any local service provider and roaming charges can be reduced by using local SIM. The resale value of the iphone can be increased by 300% by unlocking the phone. For unlocking, the device need not be send anywhere and this process is done remotely and without any hassle. For unlocking only the IMEI number is required and it takes only 1-24 hours to unlock. By this one time procedure of unlocking, the phones features and software’s can be upgraded to the latest ones without any risk and it is permanent and will not get relocked.

iphone at&t unlock

There are few requirements that need to be fulfilled to unlock At&t wireless devices and they are:
• The person who is owning the device should be a current customer of At&t
• Or a former At&t customer who is able to provide the phone number or account number.
• The device should be designed for At&t network
• The device should not be reported stolen or lost.
The following steps to be followed to unlock the phone:
1. The IMEI number has be given to the site
2. Open up iTunes which has version 10.7
3. Press At&t iphone 5 and the two options will appear that is check for updates and
4. Press the restore button and you will receive a message saying “Congratulations,
your iPhone has been unlocked”.

iphone unlock

5. Now your At&t Iphone 5 is unlocked.

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