Mr. Budisch's Bright Lights

Hoping for a Sweet Sixteen Victory

We are a FORWARD school!

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of the good work our third and fourth graders are investing in the FORWARD Exam. Each class I have dropped in on, has been demonstrating wonderful writing skills in the essay portion of the exam. Thanks to everyone who has added to their skill base for better writing. The kids are rockin the assessments! Thanks to our friends at the Intermediate School for sharing the STEM lab so our children can take the exam on desk tops.

Spring Break Dates (April 8th-April 17th)

As we approach the end of March, we begin to think about Spring Break. There is a full day of school on Friday, April 7th. Our Spring Break begins on Saturday, April 8th and goes through Monday, April 17th. School resumes on Tuesday, April 18th. If your family will be on vacation before April 8th or continues after April 17th, please make sure to contact Mrs. Smith in the office via email or phone. Thank you!

Junior Achievement Day-Yes, A Success!

Please see below examples of the children engaged in business type activities. Our highly qualified volunteers shared their business world expertise with JA activities and their own background to give the students a taste of the world of work. We so appreciate their time and energy.

Library Renovation

Our Primary School library will be undergoing some renovation in the coming months. Our PTO has raised thousands of dollars to help witih the expenses of new furniture, painting, carpeting, and construction. The photos below show some of the before areas that will be renovated to make our library more student friendly. Thanks also to our school board for their help with providing resources for the renovation. We will be ready for next year.

Displayed Student Work

I really enjoy and appreciate our students' work that is displayed by our teachers. Here are some examples. It is also an honor to share pieces with visitors who come for tours of our school. I am so proud of the student and the work they put into these products.

Mike Budisch

The Trinity Dancers were a big hit as usual this past week. This shot of the wee ones on the stage was part of the show.