The 1960's

progression, equal opportunity, acheivement

Woodstock (august 15-18, 1969)

The counterculture (aka hippies), for three days sat in fields in up-state New York to support free love, open drug use, and ideals of communal living with the innovating rock and soul music. There was no government interference, and musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Joe crocker made an impact through their music.

The 60's in a nutshell

200,000,000 was the American population, 87% had TV's in their homes, life expectancy for men was 66.6 years, 73.6 years for women, a gallon of gas was 25 cents, John F Kennedy was the 35th president of the U.S., first play boy club opened in Chicago, the first transatlantic television signal relayed, and man had stepped foot on the moon for the first time.

Martin Luther King assissinated (April 4th, 1968)

MLK was assissinated in Memphis Tennessee, and will be remembered for his advancement in civil rights. his nonviolent disobedience was an act of justice in order to gain equal opportunity. Today we are thankful for this mans actions that put our differences aside til this day and live on freely.

Cuban Missile Crisis ( October 1962 )

The scare in which the soviets and Americans almost came into a nuclear war with the Soviets deploying missiles in Cuba. Negotiations made and agreement was made between the two in order to avoid future conflict. Progression in state affairs and little conflict made throughout the years.