Growth of Japanese Culture

Japanese Forms of Buddhism By:Kelsey Hunter

How Buddhism began

Buddhism developed in India in 500 B.C.The religion was based off the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, it began to spread to China and Korea. It arrived in Japan in the A.D. 500s.

Buddhism begins to grow in Japan

SInce Buddhism had the support of Prince Shotoku, it spread rapidly though Japan. Though not replacing the old religion Shinto but, was practiced along side Buddhism. This had a big influence on the culture of Japan. It was first popular with the nobles and later common people. Buddhist belief that peace and happiness could be gained by leading a life of virtue and wisdom.

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In 1100s,Zen became more common.It puts emphasis on self-Disipline,simplicity,and meditation.The word Zen actually means Meditation.Zen was very simple it focused on the individuals attempt to achieve inner peace.

Essential Question and Review

Essential Question - How did the Japanese adapt Buddhism?

Review - How was Japanese society affected by Buddhism?