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Great Wall of America?

Great Wall?

We all have heard the controversy about building a wall in America to keep out illegal immigrants. The only other people notable for an act like this is the Chinese. If you are one to believe that history repeats itself, we should go back and see what China did good, and/or bad, to prevent from and bumps in the road, difficulties, and to make sure this is the right thing to do.

The Great Wall of China

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The Great Wall of China was built from 770B.C. - 1644A.D. The building lasted 2,414 years, and went through four Dynasties. During the first wall building dynasty, overlords built walls during the (Pre-) Warring States Period (770-221B.C.). During the Qin Dynasty (221B.C. - 207 B.C.) the first emperor of Qin linked The Great Wall. Han Wudi extended west to Yuman Pass during The Han Dynasty ( 206 B.C. - 220 A.D.). During the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) Qi Jiguang rebuilt the wall, or strengthened the wall and built the most common sections. Credit for this information belongs to


The purpose of building the Great Wall of China was always to keep out Mongolians and other invaders from the Chinese Empire. Mongolians are an East-Central ethnic group native to Mongolia. Credit here belongs to


The Great Wall of China is an architectural marvel. The first method of construction for the Wall was rammed earth. This process was done filling a wooden mold with clay or plaster, and then compressed by pestle until it was hardened into shape. The workers then laid the earth to the optimum length and height needed to build the wall. In the desert, where good dirt was not found, they mixed sand, debris, and willow branch as a replacement. This process was used up until Sui Dynasty. Information is credited to

What Would You Do?

If I were in China during the time of this period, I would build a wall. During this time, it was the most effective way of unnatural protection. However, I probably would have named it after myself, since it was such a great idea of the time. I also believe I would have built it out of the same materials, which was stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials. I don't believe I could have built it any better than it is. I would however, would have tried to build it right the first time and prevented having to rebuild it, making the wall complete sooner. Opinions credited to myself, and my co-writer. Information on materials belongs to


The Great Wall of China has impacted China greatly, not just when it was built, but over the years as well. When it was first built it was built for protection, and kept out people who China did not want to enter. It's natural beauty now brings more people to China so they can see this Wonder of the World. The building of the Wall however, was a sacrifice of people. Over one million people died in the construction. The emperor of the Qin Dynasty at the time ordered anyone to come and work on the wall. This included scholars and other workers. Now the wall is a tourist attraction, bringing several visitors, and boosting China's economy. Credit for this information belongs to

America's Wall

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As you may have your own opinion, or searching for one on the fact of America building a wall, allow yourself to see both sides. I, myself tried to give some credit to both sides, however my opinion is stated in the end.


Many people may complain against having a wall built in America due to the cost. I have done some simple calculations to help you see the true cost.

The border between Mexico and the United States is 1,954 miles long. Multiply that by 5,280 feet and get a total of 10,317,120 foot long border. Say your wall is 5 feet wide. Multiply 10,317,120 by 5 to get 51,585,600. Then say the wall is 12 feet tall. Multiply 51,585,600 by 12. This gives you 619,027,200 feet. There are 6 bricks in a sq. foot. So you then would multiply by 619,027,200 by 6 to know you need 3,714,163,200 bricks. The cost of a square foot of hollow bricks, used to build taller structures, is $25.40. Divide this by 6 to find the individual brick cost which is, $4.23. Multiply 3,714,163,200 bricks by the $4.23 cost to get the total cost of the wall: $15,710,910,336. Now you may want to know how much that is going to cost the average tax payer. There are around 122,000,000 taxpayers in America. Divide the cost by the taxpayers, and you will see that each taxpayer only has to pay $128. This can be divided into $10.66 a month for a year. So when you think about it, I suppose that that could be considered a lot, or a little amount depending on how you look at it. When you add in prisoner's free labor to build the wall, it isn't that bad of a deal for those of you wanting a wall built. You now know a more accurate Number as to what building a wall could do to your wallet. Detailed information belongs to,, home, and Google Earth. Calculations are done personally.


The impact a wall in America could make is fairly large. A wall would help make our country safer and more secure. A wall could also keep out undocumented diseases coming in, and keep them from spreading in the U.S. It could also help stop the drug war of people from Mexico coming over and smuggling in illegal drugs. With a wall, and less people pilling into the States, we can keep the unemployment rate low. This is because not everyone that comes into America is going to get a job. All of these will effect our the next generations. The next generations, without a wall, would have to fear disease, drugs, and the talk of unemployment. So building a wall will effect Americans of today and tomorrow.


If America built a wall, I do not believe it would turn out like the Great Wall of China has. I feel the only reason a wall is wanted in America is for protection. That is what China's was originally for. Now China's has turned into a tourist attraction and a Marothon is held along the wall. The way America's wall is made out to seem right now, I don't feel tourism is in the picture. The Great Wall of China is a symbol of China. I don't feel America is shooting for some wall to be a symbol of the entire country. The outcome of America's wall, I feel will not be the same as China's.


My personal opinion is that a wall may eventually be needed. However right now America has bigger things to worry about, like our $18 trillion debt. I do agree a wall may be needed, however there are many other ways that do not require the time and cost that it would take to build a wall. If America would be better about inforcing immigration laws, or guarded the border better, a wall may not be as needed. If I were to construct a wall, I would make it as mentioned earlier, made out of brick, and five feet wide and twelve feet tall. I don't have any experience with immigration, as a majority of my ancestors were Native American. Some did come from England during the 1530's. As for my co-writer, their ancestors came from France. With this said, I personally have no connection to the illegal immigration that is occurring. My final opinion after all my research is: A wall, but not right now, only for the sake of my children.

Great Wall of America

There may or may not ever be a wall of America. It's really not up to the people, all the people can have is opinions. Unless, you vote in a president in the 2016 election that promises to do what you would like in terms of building one. With or without a wall, America is America, and that's all we need to worry about.
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