JMMS Updates

September 18, 2020

The Latest Information

Please scroll down through this edition of the JMMS Updates for the latest info.

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Mailings will go out to families on September 25th. Conferences are scheduled for October 6th and October 14th from 4:30-7:30pm. Parents will be able to request in-person or phone conferences this year.

  • Students received ID badges on the first day of school. We are continuing to pass them out as we receive them. Students who have received your badge, please ensure that you are wearing it daily. Make that part of your morning routine! :)

  • Item Drop-offs: Parents, please refrain from dropping off items at the Main Office. We are not using office aides this year and simply do not have the ability to get these items to your child throughout the day. Your help is greatly appreciated!!

  • Walkers: Parents please have conversations with your child if he/she plans to walk from the school building at the end of the day.

    Some important reminders for all of our students who walk from school include obeying all laws and best practices when crossing the street, do not loiter in area business parking lots, and be respectful and well behaved at those locations.

    As always, the best plan when walking from school is to head home; however, if a student ventures into a local business or onto their property, that student is accountable for his/her behavior. We appreciate your help with these conversations!

  • Please remind your student to check their school email daily. Mrs. Ward sends out the announcements each morning. Check them out, students!

  • Picture Re-Takes will take place on Friday October 23, 2020 throughout the day. Any elearner/digital academy student that needs a retake can sign in at the Main Office, get their picture taken right then with little to no wait. Parents can remain in their vehicles and wait for their child to finish.

**Important Update: MAP Testing**

In Person Learners - MAP Testing

In-person MAP testing took place on Monday and Tuesday of this week. While there were some technical glitches with MAP's servers (not a JMMS issue), we were able to get the kids online and tested. Students did a tremendous job remaining flexible and working through issues.


eLearners/Digital Academy Learners - MAP Testing

We tested students during after-school session this week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Most students were able to complete their tests, but some will need to complete their sessions as a part of the Remote Testing Sessions beginning next week.



We are currently scheduling online remote testing sessions for elearners who were unable to finish their tests or who were unable to come in for testing. Due to technical issues being relayed to us from MAP and strict parameters from MAP with regard to how testing sessions are run remotely, the process is proving to be quite challenging.

We currently have 48 separate sessions that need to be conducted remotely using Google Meet. The high number of sessions is due to the stipulation that no more than ten students at a time are in a remote testing session. Each session must be proctored by someone from the school. We have been notified from MAP that there are some technical issues with some Internet Service Providers. Those issues seem to be improving, but please be aware that issues with connectivity could arise.

We are hoping to begin these remote testing sessions on Thursday, September 24th. Please look for further communication with dates and times for your child in the very near future. As always, we are very thankful for our students' flexibility and our parents' continued patience during these extraordinary circumstances!

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