Registered Nurse

Kenzie Zaha 4B

Job Description

Observing and recording patients behaviors then making them a treatment plan, also having to give treatment such as medications, shots and diagnostic tests.

Working Conditions

Very active job; walking, standing, bending and lifting equipment all hours of the shift. Most nurses work night and day, shifts change but not regular hours. Some nurses have the choice to be traveling nurses, in other words they move around every few months to change locations to hospitals that need them. Becoming a nurse would be very stressful because peoples lives are in your hands plus your constantly around people.

Education required

Completing a nursing diploma, bachelors or associates degree you are then required to obtain a state licenses in which ever state you plan to practice in.

Personal characteristics

Having communication skills, emotional stability, observant, caring and happy, respectful personality is necessary in order to be a good nurse.

Earnings & Job Outlook

Earning a salary of anywhere from 46,000 to 98,000 depending on degree and location. Becoming a nurse allows a lot of flexibility from shifts being any time during the day and anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. Being able to ask off for vacations is allowed.

Finding work shouldn't be a complicated task due to the fact that the need for registered nurses will increase 19% before 2024.

Working in a big or small city when it comes to nursing you will be able to find a job in both but the medical practices are different due to the size of the hospitals and the crime rates in the location.

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Education spotlight

Palm Beach Atlantic University-

Alabama University-

Arkansas University-