Women Up To Something MASTERMIND

Small Group - Big Results

Ready to step into the next part of your life?'

Do you sometimes feel like you're all alone trying to figure out what to do next in your life? You have talents, gifts and know this is your time to shine, but for one reason or another it feels hard to articulate exactly what your dreams and aspirations are at the moment...even though you've done all kinds of inner-work.

If you've ever longed for women to brainstorm with, for deep connections, or for some accountability around making something new happen in your life, that's what this small group mastermind is all about. Compassion mixed with a little tough love. This group is perfect for anyone ready to step into a bigger vision for themselves - no matter how blurry that vision at the moment.

If you've spent ANY TIME at all trying to get something done, figure out your calling,or find a place that is going to feel super-soul-satisfying to you -- all in your head, all alone, or by following someone else’s idea of what you need to be doing,..STOP.

... And join this Mastermind instead...

CUZ this way is a A WHOLE LOT MORE FUN !!!.

Women's Mastermind

Each small-group Mastermind is limited to 5 fabulous women. We meet virtually via weekly phone calls and our Private Online group. Whether you are starting something new ... or changing something old you will get clarity, support, accountability and a whole lot more. Everyone will commit to a project and what you decide to take on is entirely up to you. It can literally be anything that you'd like to get done in 3 months. To one person that might look like creating a website, outlining a book or creating a new program. Even if your project is simply to 'get more clarity around what's next for you' - that works too. The idea is that between the accountability, support, strong but gentle nudges and lots of laughs....you will reign supreme!

Each group is kept intentionally small (maximum 5 in each group) so there is nowhere to hide. We meet VIRTUALLY via weekly live phone-calls and Private online group.

What You'll Get?

* 3 group phone calls per month.

* A private online group to keep you engaged.

* Accountability to get YOUR project done.

* Invaluable brainstorming & feedback from the group.

* Shared resources.

* Deep connections and new friendships.

* So much more ... the transformations and gifts go way beyond a set of bullet points.

3 months (February - April 2015)

When. . . 1.5 hour weekly phone conversations time TBD

Where. . .VIRTUAL -- weekly phone conversations + Private Online Group

COST. . . .$175.00* Per Month for personal attention on your Project. *Note: There is a 3 month minimum initial commitment to join.

Note: All calls will be recorded...so even if you miss a week you won't miss a thing.

What a difference a SMALL GROUP makes...

IMAGINE: creating deep connections with fabulous women, while getting 1 of your projects completely done - in 3 months.

Your guide

Debbie Sipowicz, www.CreativelyEmpowered.com is a Women’s Empowerment Coach passionate about getting more talented, creative women out making a difference in the world. She has co-founded three businesses, including one that grew to over 65 people. After seeing so many inspired, capable women who have the skills and knowledge to make something happen, but lack the self-confidence and/or business expertise to make it a reality, Debbie started teaching Women’s Empowerment classes to shorten the learning curve. She wholeheartedly believes nothing but ‘good things’ come from showing up in the world, fully, completely as authentically. Debbie helps creative, spirited, intelligent women who are ready to step into something bigger find the clarity, they are looking for to stand up, speak up, and make the extraordinary happen.

Want to Join us?

Women Up To Something Mastermind - 3 months

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, 9-11am

This is an online event.

RSVP here (below this line) for 3 Month Women's MasterMind Group (1 call per week via phone - day/time TBD) and I'll send you details and a link to register.

Can't wait to get started!

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ask away. Call debbie at (650) 440-5103 or email debbie@creativelyempowered.com